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Rust removal and preservation

With the construction of the shipbuilding halls, a "high-pressure cleaning system with integrated water treatment plant" was created. Here, investments were made in a system that sets standards for environmentally friendly rust removal and cleaning in ship repair and in the recreational craft sector. Previously, in Barth, as everywhere else, the hulls of ships were "free-blasted". Necessary to repair and apply a new coat of paint.

Now the ships are cleaned in the slipway with a new high-pressure cleaning system (WOMA) by water jet (up to 2,000 bar). This is where the cleaning takes place in the underwater hull area. A sophisticated and technically complicated system of collection channels, distribution shafts, settling tanks and separators separates all pollutants from the washing water and retains them. The washing water itself is in circulation and is used again and again; only evaporation and splash water losses have to be compensated for by rainwater. The oil and gasoline residues remaining in the separators, as well as the heavy metals and paint residues eliminated from the water, are disposed of at certain intervals by specialists. In this way, our company guarantees that pollutants do not enter the groundwater or the municipal sewage network.

Small ships, boats and yachts are taken ashore with the help of the 45 t (by summer 2023 a 60 t) mobile lift system, cleaned at the boat washing area, prepared for repair and driven to the appropriate repair halls. A mobile airless high-pressure paint spraying system or brush and roller are used to apply the marine paints. The paint mist that occurs during paint spraying is extracted by means of workplace-specific extraction systems. Our aim is to increase the use of environmentally friendly paints.




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